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Jaimie was fortunate to travel often as a child. While most of the travel was around the United States, there were scatterings of international travel to the Bahamas, Hawaii, and Mexico, which she still visits annually. The love of travel hit early for Jaimie and has continued to grow with each passing year. 



Trekking through the rain forest in St. Kitts, traversing the jagged sand stone of Mt. Dinara, zip lining in Costa Rica, and more relaxing excursions with sunset sails along the coast of Charleston and the open ocean of Grand Cayman have all been a part of Jaimie’s journeys. 



To date, Jamie’s favorite adventure was traveling the coastline of Croatia visiting 8 cities, 2 national parks, hiking the highest peak in the country, repelling down a waterfall on an extreme canyoning tour, eating dinner in Ghost town and seeing what remains of the Roman coliseum in Pula. A passion for travel and adventure has led Jaimie to plan her next getaways to Fiji In Fall 2019 and Iceland in Fall 2020. With her own discoveries, Jaimie hopes to help plan your most amazing adventure!

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