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Disney World is immense, fabulous, fun, and...a lot to navigate for the first-time visitor. Lucky for you, your Best FriendTM has been there...and been there...and BEEN THERE. It's been said that experience is not the best teacher...but rather, other people's experience is the best teacher. Let my Disney World 101 eBook share with you all the vacation planning help you need to know to go to Disney World with the benefit of someone else's experience to maximize your vacation.
  • Are you wondering about the difference between Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios? What exactly is EPCOT? And how do all the parks connect? My book is full of planning help so you can figure it all out!
  • Do you wonder in which of the 25 on-site resort hotels you should stay (or whether you should stay at one of the hundreds of off-property choices instead?)
  • Is Animal Kingdom just a "Disney-fied" zoo?
  • What are you going to eat and how can you afford to eat well in the parks?
  • When I travel, I want to dine like a rock star, and I've learned how to do it at Disney World, within a do-able budget!
  • Are your kids the right ages for visiting WDW? (If you find the answer is "not yet" I'll save you a bundle just by leveling with you now. That's what Best Friends are for!)My book is full of expert vacation planning help worth many times the purchase price.
  • How much time should you devote to visiting each park? And during which season should you visit to avoid the crowds? Does the weather make a difference?

Download "Disney World 101" for just $8. travel guides provide tips in the way only your "best friend" would: clear, direct, and to-the-point! If you asked your "best friend" for hints before taking a trip, she wouldn't go over every detail of every piece of Disney World! She would share her experiences in a friendly and helpful way and emphasize the most important things you should know. She would also sprinkle in a liberal dose of fun hints and extra tips to make your trip the best ever! This is the goal of the "My Best Friend Went?" series of travel guide books.

Your source for Disney World vacation planning help is right here, available NOW!

My friend, Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL, is roughly the same size as San Francisco. It's an immense "World" with its own resort hotel system, hundreds of restaurants, over 58,000 "Cast Members" (employees), an intimidating number of attractions, and millions of annual visitors. Disney has its own transportation system (including streets and traffic signals), its own car rental venues, and it's own lakes, beaches, golf courses (5 of them!) and even campgrounds!

To the first-time visitor, Disney World is really spectacular...and, well...overwhelming. There's really no other destination where friendly vacation planning help is so important! Never fear, Disney first-timer! Your "Best Friend" has carefully and lovingly written this Disney World 101 eBook to help you and your family enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Print my eBook today and know more than most first-time travelers do when they get home!

First, I'm going to help you make sense of the World and learn your Disney lingo. My eBook clearly lays out for you what Disney World is...and what it is not. I tell you what's out there and what I've found to be worth doing and what's ok to skip, what's worth buying, what to bring from home, and much, much more! This helpful book is full of tips and even secrets that will help you navigate it all.

  • Which theme parks make up Disney World Resort? There are four (plus many other non-park places to see)! You'll never refer to "Magic Kingdom" as simply "Disney World" again. See page 6.
  • Do you want to know which countries in EPCOT serve the best food and where the unknown "finds" are? It's all explained in fascinating detail beginning on page 12.
  • What's the hottest new ride in Hollywood Studios and where can you find a waitress to spoon feed you your veggies? See pages 18 & 19.
  • Can you get into Disney's water parks with a regular Park Hopper pass? This ticket policy can be confusing but I explain it well on page 33.
  • What exactly is "Downtown" Disney and what does it cost to visit? Is shopping for souvenirs there more or less expensive than shopping in the parks? Page 27.
  • Where can a larger family stay? There are surprisingly few choices, but there is hope on the horizon for larger families. I have a big family, and we have a blast staying together. You need to make a certain request with your booking. Page 43.
  • Should you bother with a travel agent? I am the best travel planner I know and still use a pro for Disney packages. It doesn't cost any extra money, as you might expect. See page 45.
  • Do you know what to pack? Don't over-do, but don't buy necessities on site. I'm including a handy printable packing list in my eBook on page 58.
  • Speaking of printable worksheets, only amateurs show up to WDW without Advance Dining Reservations. (They often leave without experiencing a great Disney meal too.) Your Best Friend? would never let that happen to you. Not only will I steer you in the right direction for fabulous dining, you can print my handy worksheet to plan ahead of time and dine like a rock star! See page 57.
  • Can you do it all in a day? No. Can you do it all in a week? No!! But no matter how much time you have, I'll help you prioritize your time. Use my secrets to skip long lines and get autographs elsewhere instead. Many rides are the same, so use my helpful hints to choose carefully and fly through the parks. I'll steer you in the right direction every time.
All of the above and much, much more is included. My 60 page eBook is your Disney World primer, and it can be yours today for only $8!

Let my family's past experiences (good and bad!) be your teacher. For just $8 you can download and print my complete My Best Friend Went? Disney World 101 eBook and know enough to travel like a veteran by the end of the day!

Friend, the bookstores are filled with good guide books that give you the facts about all things Disney: hotel names and prices, height requirements for rides, and maps. You can drive yourself crazy navigating all of the information out there. You could also lose a month's worth of sleep searching the web for answers. But I've already done the research for you and I've compiled it in this handy Disney World 101 eBook. Only your Best Friend? is willing to take you by the hand and help you navigate all the choices. I'm not afraid to give you my opinions...that's what friends are for!

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Disney World travel planning help is here. No waiting, download today!